Frequently asked questions

What date is the zoo set to open?
We are aiming to open our doors to schools in summer 2020

What part of Manchester will the zoo be situated?
Keep checking back in with us as we reveal more about the home of Manchester Zoo, but we can guarantee it will proudly boast the Manchester postcode

What animals will there be at the zoo?
We will be starting off with the native animals of Manchester and the exotic species of Madagascar, as well as a few extra surprises!

Will you do memberships?
Of course! Be sure to keep up with our social media where we will be sharing further information

Are you not close to other UK Zoo’s?
We will be 50 miles from the closest zoo, and it is one of our aims to cater for all individuals, to make Manchester Zoo accessible to those currently unable to reach other zoological attractions

How can I get involved?
Check in with our social media to find out about future opportunities with Manchester Zoo!

What will the zoo look like?
To give you an insight as to what our vision for Manchester Zoo is, take at look at just a few of our artwork designs