Have the Manchester Zoo expedition team visit your school, to provide a sneak preview of the fascinating animals and quality educational programmes found in the only zoo in Greater Manchester!

If you would like to find out more information, please download our eBrochure.

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Staff are fully DBS checked

Qualified and experienced zoo professionals

Fully insured

All classes link to curriculum

Bio-inspirational education

Innovative learning in our native environment

Building relationships between children and the natural world

The expedition team can offer the following set lessons in almost every school or institution.

However if any of these set lessons need to be tweaked in order to match your lesson criteria/curriculum, then we’d be more than happy to try and accommodate.

Allow your pupils to learn about the life cycle of a chicken first hand by incubating and brooding your eggs.

Ant Farm
Pupils will discover the amazing world of these interesting social insects. The expedition team will set up a live ant farm which can be observed from the comfort of your classroom.

Native Species
Learn all about the animals living in your back garden. This hands on sessions teaches children about local species including how to identify, respectfully observe and potentially even help them.

Sustainability Garden
Is there an area of your school grounds which could be turned into something better? This session allows us to with you and the pupils to build a garden which will help local wildlife.

Meet animals from all around the world who live in a variety of different habitats. Discover how they have adapted to be able to thrive!

The UK’s favourite native animal needs our help! In this session we will make a hedgehog friendly area within your school grounds and teach pupils how they can do the same at home.

Local Biodiversity
As we know, Manchester is a unique and special place! This lesson teaches pupils about species which are only found in the Manchester area and how important they are.